What Is The Best Material Of Cup For Making Green Tea?

- Aug 16, 2019-

Generally, green tea is best brewed in an open glass cup, which will not spoil the tea and affect the taste of the tea. If it's Longjing, it's better to brew it in a transparent glass without pattern, so as to enjoy the process of leaf stretching, fluffy flying and the clear green color of tea.

When you brewing Longjing, you can't use boiling water. When you brewing Longjing in your home, you first preheat the cup with hot water, and then start making tea after the boiling water is dried for a while. First, don't fill the cup with water. First, only about a quarter of the water is injected. It just can soak the tea, then it will be absorbed, stretched and fragrant, and then water will be injected from high places, so that the tea-leaves can be turned in the cup.

glass tea water cup