What Kind Of Baby Bottle Is The Safest?

- Dec 17, 2019-

What kind of baby bottle is the safest?

I don't think many people have a clear understanding of baby bottles. Many parents don't pay much attention to this aspect. Don't worry. Today, I'll share with you what the material structure of baby bottles in the market looks like. Which kind of baby bottle is relatively safe?


First of all, we need to understand how the market's regular baby bottles are divided into several types, and what are the materials? In the current market, there are six kinds of baby bottle materials: silica gel, glass, PC, PP, PPSU and PES. Although there are many materials, we must pay attention to which are really suitable for the baby. Maybe many mothers think that the most suitable is the glass baby bottle. Yes, the glass baby bottle is the first choice for many mothers because its price is reasonable and the material is different from other types. But the biggest disadvantage of glass baby bottle is that it is very heavy. It's still troublesome to carry.


The most expensive one is the baby bottle of PPSU, which is a kind of amorphous thermoplastics with high transparency and hydrolysis stability. PPSU baby bottles can withstand repeated steam sterilization. Its lightweight material has become the first choice of many mothers. But in terms of price, It is the most expensive of many baby bottles made of materials.


However, in terms of price and material, each baby bottle has its own advantages and differences, but when you choose a baby bottle, you must choose the one most suitable for your baby. Generally speaking, the larger the caliber, the more convenient it is, because it's better to put milk powder in a wide mouth baby bottle, but it's still a reasonable choice based on personal situation.