What Kind Of Baby Feeding Bottle Is Suitable For Newborns?

- Feb 28, 2019-

What kind of baby feeding bottle is suitable for newborns?

Babies need feeding bottles when they are born. When choosing feeding bottles for babies, parents are most entangled with the fact that glass baby feeding bottle is easy to break and plastic baby feeding bottle is more expensive. What is the best material for baby bottles? Different materials of baby bottles have their own characteristics. Parents can choose the material for baby bottles according to the baby's age and their own actual situation.


There are many kinds and shapes of bottles on the market. At present, glass baby feeding bottles and plastic baby feeding bottles are widely used. In recent years, silicone feeding bottles and stainless steel baby feeding bottles have appeared, but relatively few people use them.


Glass baby feeding bottle: suitable for newborns

Glass baby feeding bottles have the advantages of good safety, good heat resistance, not easy to scratch, not easy to hide dirt, easy to clean, and the price is not expensive, suitable for the use of newborns who need to eat milk many times. The disadvantage of glass baby feeding bottles is that they are not strong enough and fragile, so they are suitable for feeding babies at home with their mothers.


Plastic baby feeding bottles: suitable for babies over three months

Plastic baby feeding bottles are light and can be used for babies in three months. PP feeding bottle is the most common of the three materials of plastic feeding bottle, and its performance is also good. It is the first choice of plastic baby feeding bottle. PES, like PP, has many advantages, and is easier to clean and durable, close to the advantages of glass, but its price is more expensive. If we do not consider the price factor, only consider the safety and durability, which new material PPSU is the safest, easier to wash and durable than PC, almost like glass bottle. But PPS baby feeding bottles are more expensive.


Stainless steel feeding bottles: for babies over 1 year old

Stainless steel baby feeding bottles have long service life and low price. They can be used as feeding bottles for babies over 1 year old. But because stainless steel baby feeding bottles are opaque, it is impossible to see how much milk is left in them.


Silicone feeding bottle: suitable for all age groups of babies

Silicone baby feeding bottles are safe, light weight and suitable for use by babies of any age. Of course, because of the soft texture of the silicone baby feeding bottle, the baby will feel more comfortable to use.