What Material Is The Plastic Water Bottle Made Of?

- Nov 19, 2019-

What kind of material is used to make the plastic cup in our daily life? Is this material harmful to our body? There are so many plastic cups in our life. Learn about plastic cups. We should also pay attention to the safety of our drinking water equipment.

  1. PP polypropylene is the most widely used material. At present, PP is one of the safest food packaging materials. Because the auxiliary catalyst system is relatively safe and its temperature resistance is relatively high, PP material products are especially used in food packaging. But the transparency of PP water bottle is worse than that of PC.

  2. PC polycarbonate material has high temperature resistance and excellent transparency. If the transmittance of PC is 100, the transmittance of PP is only 80, and the strength is also high. But PC materials are easy to release a small amount of BPA, which is the focus of international debate.

  3. PC, PET and PS can make particularly transparent products, which is the main reason for choosing these materials more before. However, pet and PS have the disadvantages of brittleness, low temperature resistance, and not too many times of loading boiled water. At present, the plastic water bottle made of PP is more recognized, and PE polyethylene has better hygienic performance, but it is relatively soft. Generally, it is mainly used for soft packaging of film products and cosmetics.

In our daily life, we often neglect some things. We should pay attention to our own health and family health. Small details in life may bring us big problems, so we need to understand. What material is the plastic water bottle made of? Which water bottle is the safest to drink? What kind of plastic water bottle should we use? DILLER helps you understand.

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