What Material Of Children's Water Bottle Is Safe To Use

- Feb 07, 2020-

We all need to use water bottles to drink water in our daily life, but we all know what kind of water bottle is safer and less easy to breed, especially for children's water bottles. If you haven't paid attention to the problem of children's water bottle for babies, let me share it with you and have a look.

What material is safer for children's water bottle

1. Glass children's water bottle. The glass water bottle is made of inorganic silicate, free of any chemicals, easy to clean, and not easy to breed bacteria. But the glass children's water bottle conducts heat very quickly, so we should pay attention not to fill too hot water, so as to avoid cracking.

2. Ceramic children's cu. Ceramic cup is a material with good quality, safety and high temperature resistance, so tea or hot water is the best choice for ceramic cup. But the ceramic cup has glaze color. In the process of using, these metals should be prevented from entering the water and causing body injury when drinking.

3. Stainless steel children's water bottle. The stainless steel water bottle will be permeated with other trace elements, including heavy metals. If you don't use it properly, it can easily be mixed into the drinking water, thus damaging human health.

4. Children's plastic water bottle. It can be said that the safety factor of plastic is very low, because plastic contains polyethylene, polypropylene, etc. if combined with hot water, it will produce a lot of toxins, such as bisphenol A, etc., which are very harmful to human body and easy to breed bacteria.


Precautions for choosing children's water bottle:

1. Disinfection: most of today's children's water bottles are made of non-toxic plastics such as PP and tritan, which are very resistant to high temperature and falling. However, disinfection is not available for all water bottles. When buying children's water bottles, mothers must see whether it can be machine washed or sterilized.

2. Microwave heating: the water bottles that can be used for microwave are specially noted, so if you want to microwave heating, you must see whether they can be heated.