What To Do If The Thermos Bottle Can't Be Opened

- Mar 09, 2020-

What to do if the thermos bottle can't be opened? How to use the thermos bottle correctly!

The embarrassment of wanting to drink water but not opening the lid is really helpless. I often encounter this situation. I believe many friends have met it like me. What should we do at this time? Let's follow me to see what should we do when we encounter this kind of situation and how to use the thermos bottle correctly.


The specific solutions for the cover of the thermos bottle can not be opened: 1. Screw it vigorously. 2. Turn the thermos bottle upside down, slap the bottom of the thermos bottle a few times, and then screw the lid. 3. Can not open is generally negative pressure in the thermos bottle, can put the thermos bottle in hot water bubble, wait for the water in the thermos bottle to heat up, volume expansion, it is easy to open. 4. Heat the thermos bottle lid quickly to make a gap between the lid and the bottle body.


The usage of the thermos bottle mainly includes the following four aspects:

1. Before using the thermos bottle, first wash it with boiling water or add some detergent for several times, and then disinfect it with high temperature;

2. The thermos bottle should not be too full of hot water to avoid scalding;

3. It is not suitable to keep milk, dairy products, fruit juice and other carbonated drinks in the thermos bottle for a long time;

4. When cleaning the thermos bottle, it is advisable to use soft cloth and detergent diluted by warm water, instead of alkaline bleach, chemical rags, etc.