When We Buy Online How Should We Choose Thermos Bottle?

- Jan 02, 2020-

What are the three materials of the inner liner of the thermos bottle? Which technology is the best?


Liner material (preferred): 304 stainless steel and above, glass material, ceramic material.

Accessory material (preferred): PP material, silica gel material.

Process technology (preferred): tailless vacuum, laser welding, ultra light cup body.


Thermos bottle is loved by many people because of its unique insulation performance. Especially in autumn and winter, it's the best time to use thermos bottle. Facing all kinds of brands and prices of thermos bottle on the market, it may be difficult for many people to choose. Is the high price thermos bottle necessarily good? Will the cheap thermos bottle be worse? Should we differentiate by price when we choose thermos bottle?


The advantage of the thermos bottle is its incomparable heat preservation ability, and the heat preservation ability of the h thermos bottle is linked with its material. Therefore, when selecting the thermos bottle, we should pay attention to the material of the thermos bottle first. At present, the main material of the thermos bottle is mainly 304 stainless steel, of course, there are more advanced 316 materials, but they are relatively rare in the market, so we will not mention them for the moment ; 304 stainless steel has excellent heat preservation performance, and the heat preservation time is several times longer than 201 stainless steel. Therefore, we should select the thermos bottle of 304 stainless steel or above when selecting the thermos bottle!


The price of 304 stainless steel is generally on the high side, so we should pay attention to those extremely cheap and claimed to be 304 thermos bottles, because it may not be 304! In addition to material, technology is also one of the standards for us to select the thermos bottle. The technology of stainless steel thermos bottle is divided into two types: tail vacuum and tailless vacuum. The heat preservation performance of the thermos bottle with tailless vacuum technology is better than that with tailed vacuum, so we'd better pay attention to the technology when selecting the thermos bottle!


In addition to these, we should also pay attention to the details when selecting the thermos bottle, such as whether the inner liner and surface of the thermos bottle are smooth and traceless, whether the cup mouth is smooth and flat, whether the welding interface is smooth and consistent, whether the sealing performance is good, and so on. These are the places we should carefully observe when selecting a high-quality thermos bottle! In addition, no matter what the material and technology of the thermos bottle, we should know their use methods and scope of application. For example, the thermos bottle is not suitable for tea making, coffee making, etc! We should also pay attention to these!