Why Doesn't The Thermos Bottle Keep Warm?

- Oct 11, 2019-

Why doesn't the thermos bottle keep warm?

When the thermos bottle is heavily impacted, there may be a rupture between the shell and the vacuum layer. After the rupture, the air enters the interlayer, so the insulating performance of the thermos bottle is destroyed. This is normal, no matter what kind of thermos bottle, their principle is the same, is to use double stainless steel to extract the intermediate air, to achieve a certain degree of vacuum. Make the heat of the water inside pass out as slowly as possible. This process is related to the vacuum of the interlayer. In addition, your thermos bottle has been severely damaged in the course of use, and the insulation performance will become worse, because the vacuum layer leaks into the air and forms convection in the interlayer, which can not achieve the function of isolation inside and outside.


Reasons for Thermos Bottle Not Insulating:

1. Maybe the seal is not good. Check whether there is a gap in the cap or other places. If the cap is not tightly capped, it will also lead to the deterioration of the insulation performance of your thermos bottle.

2. The leakage of the thermos bottle may be due to the defect of the material itself, the defect of some thermos bottle technology, and the hole of pinhole size may appear on the inner liner, which accelerates the heat transfer between the two layers of the bottle wall, so the heat dissipates quickly.

3. A water bottle without buzz is not a thermos bottle. Put the thermos bottle in your ear and you can't hear the buzzing sound inside the thermos bottle, which means that this water bottle is not a thermos bottle, so the water bottle will certainly not keep warm.


Above several reasons are the most common reasons why the thermos bottle does not keep warm. If you want to check whether the insulation effect of the thermos bottle you are using is good, you may as well do the following experiment, pour hot water into the thermos bottle. If the outer layer of the thermos bottle can feel hot, it shows that the thermos bottle does not have the function of keeping warm.